Frequently Asked Questions

The deceased was HIV+, will you still clean the biohazard job?

Yes.  We treat all of our work, exactly the same, with the proper controls and  protocols to effectively remove, clean and decontaminate the areas. 

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How much is this bio clean going to cost?

Each biohazard job is a case by case basis. Most home owners insurance policies will cover the cleaning. The cost will depend on the degree of contamination which in turn effects the amount of supplies, the number team members,  the amount of product, personal protective equipment and the disposal of the bio-waste, Biohazard waste  must follow the state's protocol, and is billed by the weight of the waste. Our goal is to minimize the waste, to keep the costs down. 

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Can you get rid of the smell?

Yes. All biohazard jobs involve body fluids and blood that have a very specific, unpleasant smell.  These must be removed, treated with an enzymatic cleaner, decontaminated and deodorized with a professional method. 

Do not try to do this on your own.  There are 26 different viruses that can be transmitted through blood. Do not risk yourself, your staff, friends or family to this exposure. 

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